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Cylinder Rekey Tampa

Rekey Locks Tampa

Rekeying normally refers to the ability to change a lock combination so that a different key may operate it. 


Rekeying is done when there is a concerned that unauthorized persons have keys to the lock, so the lock macinizem may be altered by a locksmith so that only new keys will work. 


Rekeying is a relatively simple process of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock so a new key will function while the old one will not. 


Rekeying may be done without replacement of the entire lock.


If you moving in to a new house and not sure how many people have the key to your house? 

If you lost your house keys and you afraid there in the wrong hands?

There is no need to change locks. iMLocksmith will rekey your locks for you.


St. Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, Seminole, Tampa, St. Pete Beach, Oldsmar, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Pinellas Park, Deadbolt, Doorknob, Door Lever and more..


iMLocksmith can even rekey a lock that does not have its original key, just tell us what kind of locks do you have and how many of them you wish to rekey and we will give an exact price over the phone, so you won't have any surprises when its payment time.


Don't forget !  you giving somebody an access to your home !  make sure you choose a licensed company that will serve you in respect and a fair way.


33602, 33603, 33604, 33605, 33606, 33607, 33609, 33610, 33611, 33612, 33613, 33614, 33615, 33616, 33617, 33618, 33619, 33620, 33621, 33622, 33623, 33624, 33625, 33626, 33629, 33634, 33635, 33637.


Call iMLocksmith Tampa:        813-344-1544

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