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Lost your only motorcycle key copy and need to replace it?


With no key codes on file, a dealer will not be much help making a key replacement for a motorcycle. Also, replacing all the locks in your bike (Gas cap, seat lock, steering, ignition) can be a bit pricey and challenging if you choose to do it yourself. Can a locksmith help you in these situations? 


Most motorcycle keys do not have a transponder (chip) inside. They may look different, but basically ther are just old fashioned keys. To make matters worse, your gas cap and ignition switch likely use the same key. So if you replace your gas cap, make sure that the key to the new lock will match to the ignition key.


IM Locksmith can go where dealers fear to tread. We will make a new key for you so that you don't have to replace ignition switch and gas tank. It's cheaper and quicker and we're dependable. Licensed and insured in Pinellas County.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

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